Ariande Associates
  • Employment Law
    With constantly changing legislation, and the chance that getting something wrong could cost thousands of pounds in a tribunal, it’s difficult to be sure that you are complying with all you need to. Ariadne Associates can set up contracts of employment, human resource procedures and policies that are best suited to your organisation -making sure you are legally covered without being bogged down in bureaucracy. You’ll also be sure that you’re kept up to date with any changes.
  • Recruitment
    Selecting the right people is vital – particularly in a smaller business. Ariadne Associates can manage the complete process, from helping you draft job descriptions and adverts, through shortlisting and handling the administration of applications, to final interview. If you want them, Ariadne Associates can also administer personality questionnaires or aptitude tests.
  • Training & Development
    Whether you need advice on an individual’s development, a training course in a particular subject or a full training needs analysis for the whole organisation, Ariadne Associates can undertake this. You’ll get professional, practical advice that takes your business forward.
  • Redundancy
    Unfortunately, sometimes it’s necessary to reduce your staff numbers. Ariadne Associates can ensure that such situations are carried out legally, professionally and sensitively.
  • Dismissals/Tribunals
    If a situation arises that leads to a tribunal, Ariadne Associates can represent you and can also negotiate confidential and legally binding settlements. Better still, we can ensure that your systems and actions minimise the risk of losing a tribunal, by working with you in advance.
  • Merger, Takeover and Flotation
    With all the excitement and financial issues that these major changes create, sometimes people are left out. Ariadne Associates can help you with communication issues; make sure that you are complying with any obligations under the Transfer of Undertakings (TUPE) rules; and help you with developing your management team to face the new challenges ahead.
  • Developing Your Organisation’s Culture and Style

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