English Mutual
  • Our strategy is simple; to deliver a bespoke suite of services to each corporate client that is unique to their needs, providing:
  • A comprehensive, tailored strategic consultancy which ensures that the benefits package meets and supports the goals of the business.
  • Recommendations on the type and levels of benefits required.
  • The full range of communication strategies to guarantee effective understanding and appreciation by the target employees, making full use of both the latest technology and vital face to face client contact. 
  • Full administrative support, including full or partial outsourcing.
  • Ongoing, regular account management and review thus ensuring that our service continues to support the needs of the business and its employees, irrespective of legislative, organisational or market change. 
  • English Mutual delivers a highly effective benefits platform which integrates seamlessly with HR and payroll functions whilst generating a sense of understanding, appreciation and value amongst employees, satisfying the needs of our corporate clients.


Visit Supplier Web Site http://www.englishmutual.com/employee-benefits.aspx

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