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A blend of two real proper HR professionals met at a HR networking event back in 2010.  After the niceties and sharing of their business cards they discovered a number of the same issues they faced within their respected HR departments.

The main issue was knowing where to find & who to trust when it came to purchasing HR products and services.  The good news is that they didn’t just stop at conversation.

The pair, gainfully employed (proper HR people!) at the time, decided to map out how they could rectify the situation.

After a lot of late night healthy debates and disagreements they agreed on a vision.  That vision was, an online interactive, quirky, engaging & unbelievably beneficial web site for proper HR people and the respected suppliers of HR products and services. (with a twist)

They took a no nonsense approach to the project and 2 years later
(slow was better than wrong) launched this site.

Put your hands together for RefreshingHR.